llll_ ist das ‘und’ zwischen Jonas Bolle / Timm Roller. Kristallene Synthesizer, digitaler und gesampelter noise findet sich in dronigen und gecutteten Strukturen. Stille ist der ephemere Raum im Zentrum und am Rand.

_Jonas_Boite_IEinflüsse aus 90er Pop-Synth-Musik und geschichtete massive Noise-Flächen werden zu resonierenden Räumen kombiniert und mit Stille, Midi-Sequenzen und rohen clicks’n'cuts durchschnitten. Unsere Umwelt und Umgebung ist ein Amalgam, warum sollte das was wir zu hören bekommen davon verschont bleiben?





mixed media midday medley
2017/10/23 – white noise club – curation: llll_

a mini festival / whole day art-space/concert/performance

with performances & installations by
friday dunard, llll_ (jonas bolle/timm roller), lotte lindenborn, lybes dimem (lukas rehm), mara genschel, nico sauer, wednesday dupont

llll_: arts birthday bunker party
2017/01/13 at kulturbunker köln mühlheim
a/v-performance at khm-exhibition ‘arts birthday bunker party’
with camilo sandoval [visuals]

llll_ … kulturbunker köln-mühlheim from timm roller on Vimeo.

llll_: bölllsh#28 live-set
2016/10/02 at zollamt/lsh#28 stuttgart

vsts_samples_whitenoise. no analogue gear involved.

llll_: LIMITS OF CTRE(B¨[ƒ*ld
2016/01/21 at filmwinter / kunstbezirk stuttgart
audio live-set on the concept of sidechain-compression.
two audio-paths are generated, one directly audible, the other one sculpting the first one – so in the end both are heard.

“Googles Wege sind unergründlich” – AUDIO88

2016/01/21 – filmwinter / kunstbezirk – stuttgart

“1. Autokorrektur weiß mehr
1. Googlepoetik + Fehlersalon querformat

my automatic correction knows what i mean, it understands me. google rounds off my thoughts even when i’m speechless. i am
almost perfect. thank you.
we rely on automation, automatic correction, and algorithms –
they are making our lives easier. they should. but what exactly are they doing, these algorithms to which we leave our digital flair, our first thoughts, wordings and our taste? if they are following rules it is a game. and we may cheat! we should.

limits of contro3“7)uf@! plays a set of“rock-paper-scissors”
according to the rules of art. all of them. including “well”.
in a music performance with lyrics and video we will work in a controlled & uncontrolled manner, in a way we’ll lose control and gain control: a shazam session with sampled music, looped cello and the inability of perfectly recreating and google-made music.

jonas bolle: concept, text, electronics, a/v-installation
hanna kölbel: concept, cello, no-input mixing, video
timm roller: concept, electronics, a/v-installation, e-guitar

with works by jonas bolle, hanna kölbel, brigitta muntendorf, simon steen-andersen, timm roller & llll_

LIMITS OF CONTR$(jl03x from timm roller on Vimeo.